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Powering iot devices technologies and opportunities pdf

Fujitsu Technology and Service Vision sets out our vision and powering iot devices technologies and opportunities pdf insights to leaders of business and the public sector about how they can use ICT to create innovation and build a different future. IoT is a core enabler for the future hyperconnected business and a key driver of digital transformation and business innovation. Hyperconnectivity will see the connection of people, information and things in ways that fundamentally change business and society. The World Economic Forum in 2014 stated that Hyperconnectivity will be to the 21st Century what the internal combustion engine was to the 20th Century.

Fujitsu aims to create an environment to support innovation on a proven IoT platform, powering digital transformation with IoT solutions and services for the transformative enterprise. Our strong portfolio of our own intellectual property is combined with a broad ecosystem of partners. Our IoT solutions range from enterprise wearable devices, middleware software, cloud platforms to standardized business solutions for customer verticals. They leverage both our own, and partners, expertise in analytics and AI. Being a Hyperconnected Business means better informed business decisions, faster business growth, significant competitive advantage, individual empowerment and operational efficiencies. Many companies and organizations have already started to use IoT technologies to connect businesses and services and drive digital transformation, and adoption is accelerating.

How can organizations use IoT technologies to transform their business? A manufacturing company can use IoT technology to connect to the products it sells to customers. By collecting data, the company can transform its business model from just selling products to also include after-sales services. FUJITSU Technology And Service Vision 2017 PDF Cover.

IoT gives businesses lots of data. Analysis of this data can allow a manufacturer to create new value-added services, such as the prediction of machine failure and preventive maintenance services. Furthermore, the combination of its own products with those of other suppliers through the unified data collection mechanism enables maintenance of complete production systems, or even entire factories. Business applications for IoT are certainly not limited to manufacturing. Connecting to customers through IoT leads to new business creation opportunities.

For example, in the construction and transport industries, companies are launching new services around the sharing of construction machinery and business fleets respectively. Based on technologies acquired through the development of networks and ubiquitous products, Fujitsu has developed a suite of IoT-related technologies that can enable greater value from an IoT implementation. Fujitsu delivers a total IoT solution covering sensor devices, network and security. To manage IoT-specific network characteristics, Fujitsu’s unique Dynamic Resource Controller technology dynamically optimizes resources on both the cloud and the edge, to efficiently handle device data. As IoT technology evolves and becomes a more mainstream business technology, companies will need to secure the right skills in their organizations to use and manage this technology. The shortage of the right skills has caused many organizations to put digitalization projects on hold. Fujitsu delivers managed services to support the IoT system operation and IoT solutions for industries including manufacturing, maintenance, retail and logistics and mobility to help solve issues in IoT operation and deliver business outcomes.

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Fujitsu’ long and comprehensive global experience means we have been able to develop expertise across a number of industries. For customers who are exploring the opportunity to transform their business using IoT, we work with them to co-create solutions specifically for their needs. Our Digital KATA consist of pre-defined, packaged solutions and services that deliver IoT solutions in a range of industries. By identifying common challenges in the hundreds of IoT projects we conduct every year, Fujitsu is able to deliver these field-proven solutions to customers quickly and cost effectively. Logistics, Smart Retail, Smart Automotive, Smart Financial Services, Smart Cities and Smart Agriculture. Connections create data and real-time access to information and the insights they deliver are crucial in optimizing business models. We provide various applications that can be used to power and derive value from IoT-generated data.

Fujitsu’s Enterprise Applications services cover the design, development, configuration, implementation, rollout and ongoing management of IoT solutions based on packaged software applications. Additionally our Application Development and Integration Services ensure a smooth and efficient integration of all building blocks, as well as the integration of the overall solution into the customer’s IT landscape. Key to successful IoT deployments is being able to manage devices and sensors both centrally and at the edge. We are also rolling out globally our Cloud IoT Platform which sits in our Public Cloud Service K5.

This platform provides data management, aggregation, and analytics alongside application development and device management capabilities. Today’s hyperconnected world means billions of elements generating data and a huge increase in the number of people using streaming services. The network of the past is no longer adequate. The entirety of computing, wide-area networking, and M2M communications will be abstracted and controlled by intelligent software. In addition to the next-generation Cloud IoT platform mentioned above, we also support a range of options for quickly building and scaling private clouds and hybrid clouds. Ranging from embeddable sensors to smart tags and badges, to fully integrated Vital Sensing Bands and Head Mounted Displays, while building on the base of its Human Centric Engine, we offer UBIQUITOUSWARE as the front-end interface for Human Centric IoT. Why do I have to complete a CAPTCHA?

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