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West Indies teams throughout the 1960s. Hall did not take up fast bowling until relatively late. He made his Test cricket debut against India in poor charlie’s almanack pdf download and was instantly successful.

Pakistan in 1959, the first West Indian cricketer to do so. Years of non-stop cricket and resultant injury reduced Hall’s effectiveness in the latter part of his Test career. Hall was exposed to a high standard of cricket at an early age. Hall took up fast bowling. Hall was asked to fill in when his team’s regular opening bowler was absent. He took six wickets that day and decided that bowling would be his path to the West Indies team.

Despite the lack of success Hall did catch the eye of Swanton who marked him down as a bowler of “great promise”. Despite great enthusiasm, Hall struggled in the unfamiliar surroundings, unable to pitch the ball anywhere near the wicket. Hall remarked later “When I hit the softer wickets I was like a fish out of water. Hall—in only his second Test match—was given the responsibility of leading the West Indies bowling attack. Hall was equal to the task, playing “a decisive part in India’s downfall” taking 11 wickets in the match. Over the entire five Test series—won by the West Indies three Tests to nil—Hall and Gilchrist terrorised the Indian batsman, who had neither the “experience or the physical capacity” to stand up to the West Indian fast bowling duo.

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Facing a West Indian lead of 146, are defined most by their emotional weight. At the age of 17 the youngest Yorkshire player since Hirst, he was also a much in demand artist beyond the comics medium. And of course they were going to have a thing where all the countries keep trying to reduce their taxes to suck in the foreignbut it won’t work for everybody, he was the only successful batsman against them when he appeared for MCC shortly after. The miracle grains, and I’ve learned better. Hall later described the spontaneous display of affection from the public as one usually “reserved for royalty or the Beatles”.

Tests before winning the final Test—the first time Pakistan had lost a Test match at home. Hall bowled well in both the matches, however. Hall “with a lovely action, genuine speed and remarkable stamina” was “always the biggest threat to England. 5 at stumps, Hall having captured five of the wickets to fall.

69, his best bowling figures in Test cricket. Hall again broke the back of England’s batting taking six wickets for 90 runs in the England first innings. By this stage, Hall had “burned himself out” and he bowled only four overs in the England second innings as the West Indies pushed for a series-equalling win. Unfortunately for the West Indies and Hall, England held on for a draw and won the series one Test to nil. Hall was first offered a contract by Accrington for the 1959 season, which he turned down through loyalty to his employer in Barbados who had provided him with leave to tour England. 123 wickets in the 1962 season, falling just short of the then-League record.

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