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Does how you dress impact your effectiveness as a speaker? 6minutes How should a speaker dress and in what circumstance? What is to be avoided? Different speaking situations call for different clothing styles, but you are usually pretty safe if you are clean, tidy, and dressed as your audience is dressed. To develop ethos, you emphasize your similarity to your audience. One practical way to achieve this is by dressing similarly to them. So, how do you know how your audience will dress?

If the venue is a recurring conference or setting, go with what people wore last time. This doesn’t mean you have to wear the identical suit or dress that everyone in your audience wears. There’s obviously quite a bit of latitude here. The point is that you don’t want to be significantly over-dressed or significantly under-dressed. But I’ve heard that I should dress better than my audience?

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The key is that you look professional and respectful. Once you start talking, they shouldn’t be noticing what you are wearing anyway. Conventional wisdom says that you should dress one notch higher than your audience is dressed. To hint at your success and affluence?