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Pocket atlas of sectional anatomy pdf

5 mm or less in pocket atlas of sectional anatomy pdf. The diameter of the bronchioles plays an important role in air flow.

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The bronchioles change diameter to either increase or reduce air flow. The tertiary bronchi subdivide into the bronchioles. The diameter of the bronchioles is often said to be less than 1 mm, though this value can range from 5 mm to 0. As stated, these bronchioles do not have hyaline cartilage to maintain their patency. As the bronchioles get smaller they divide into terminal bronchioles. The terminal bronchiole is the most distal segment of the conducting zone.

It branches off the lesser bronchioles. Each of the terminal bronchioles divides to form respiratory bronchioles which contain a small number of alveoli. Club cells are non-ciliated, rounded protein-secreting cells. Their secretions are a non-sticky, proteinaceous compound to maintain the airway in the smallest bronchioles. The respiratory bronchioles are the narrowest airways of the lungs, one fiftieth of an inch across. The bronchioles deliver air to the exchange surfaces of the lungs.

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