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We are also told that automation and technology are responsible for the poor wage growth and inequality bedeviling the American working class perspectives of argument 7th edition pdf recent decades, and that looming automation will only accelerate and ratchet up these problems. What is remarkable about this media narrative is that there is a strong desire to believe it despite so little evidence to support these claims.

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Yes, automation has led to job displacements in particular occupations and industries in the past, but there is no basis for claiming that automation has led—or will lead—to increased joblessness, unemployment, or wage stagnation overall. We argue that the current excessive media attention to robots and automation destroying the jobs of the past and leaving us jobless in the future is a distraction from the main issues that need to be addressed: the poor wage growth and inequality caused by policies that have shifted economic power away from low- and moderate-wage workers. And as it turns out, policies to expand good jobs and increase wages are the same measures needed to ensure that workers potentially displaced by automation have good jobs to transition to. For these workers, the education and training touted as solutions in the mainstream robot narrative will be inadequate, just as they were not adequate to help displaced manufacturing workers over the last few decades. Acemoglu and Restrepo’s new research does not show large and negative effects on overall employment stemming from automation.

Technological change and automation have not been the main forces driving the wage stagnation and inequality besieging working-class Americans. There is no historical correlation between increases in automation broadly defined and wage stagnation or increasing inequality. Automation—the implementation of new technologies as capital equipment or software replace human labor in the workplace—has been an ongoing feature of our economy for decades. It cannot explain why median wages stagnated in some periods and grew in others, or why wage inequality grew in some periods and shrank in others. Indicators of automation increased rapidly in the late 1990s and the early 2000s, a period that saw the best across-the-board wage growth for American workers in a generation. 1973 to 1995 and from 2002 to the present.

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