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Pdf to keep track of who you owe money to

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If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Another way to prevent getting this page in the future is to use Privacy Pass. Your browser will redirect to your requested content shortly. We all need to find some type of vigorous physical activity that fits into our lifestyle and that exercises not only our body, but also our mind and spirit.

Exercising out in nature fuels our soul and happiness. The requested page could not be found. Please enable javascript before you are allowed to see this page. Guidance and contacts on the MassDEP permitting process. 373 12 12 12 12-5.

Log in to one of Mass. Expedited review for projects that meet criteria for Fast Track Permitting? 5L397 1677L421 1677ZM424 1695L394 1695L391 1704L427 1704ZM405. The Office serves as a Point of Contact for raising issues about permitting or questions about how law, policy, and regulations are applied across the agency. The Office is now providing issue summaries of certain inquiries and their resolutions.

In fact, MassDEP was the first agency of its kind in the nation nearly two decades ago – and remains one of the few today – to offer applicants the guarantee of a timely decision or their money back. In most cases, the MassDEP Regional Office that serves the community where you want to build or expand is the best and most efficient starting point for learning about the environmental permits you might need and making personal connections with the people who will be issuing them. By scheduling a pre-application meeting with regional office staff, you might even discover that small changes in your proposal could eliminate the need for some permits entirely. There may be times, however, when you want or need additional assistance in navigating the MassDEP permitting process or expediting a decision that is business-critical. Are proposing a large, complex, or cutting-edge facility or project that will require permitting coordination among various local, state and federal agencies, or across multiple MassDEP regions. Need an impartial ombudsman to address questions or concerns you may have about MassDEP permitting procedures, timelines or outcomes. MassDEP strongly encourages you to read this information before applying for a permit, license, plan approval or registration from the agency.

Where I can get assistance in understanding the permit application process? There are several sources of information available to you. How do I apply for a MassDEP permit, license, or plan approval? Each Transmittal Form is assigned a unique transmittal number that MassDEP uses to track the application throughout the review process. Note: All applicants – including fee-exempt municipalities, counties, districts, municipal housing authorities, federally recognized Indian tribe housing authorities, as well as state agencies – must submit Transmittal Forms for their applications to be considered administratively complete. One copy of the Transmittal Form must accompany the application form you submit to the MassDEP Primary Permitting Location specific to the category of permit, license or plan approval you are seeking. Please keep a third copy for your own records.

A Reserve Copy is a photocopy of your complete application, including the Transmittal Form, which is used to more efficiently process your permit review. If a Reserve Copy is required, the answer to Question 5 in the “Permit Fact Sheet” in the application instructions will tell you where to send it. If one is required, please make a photocopy of the Transmittal Form and submit that photocopy to the Reserve Copy Location, along with the application materials. To ensure proper processing of your application, it is important that you carefully complete the Transmittal Form. Instructions for Completing the Transmittal Form are included in the form. Please consult the Application Completeness Checklist to determine what additional information to submit with your Transmittal and Application Forms. Important Note: MassDEP strongly encourages you to advise us if you are applying for multiple permits related to the same project.

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The best way to do so is by listing all related permits and anticipated filing dates in the space provided on the Transmittal Form that must accompany each application and fee payment. By providing this information, you will enable your POC to better coordinate MassDEP review of your applications, track their status, and keep you informed. What types of MassDEP approvals and permits are subject to the Permit Extension Act? How do I pay my application fee? Make your payment in the form of a check or money order made payable to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The following entities are exempt from the payment of application fees: cities, towns, counties, districts, municipal housing authorities, and federally recognized Indian tribe housing authorities. How long will it take MassDEP to act on my application?

MassDEP offers this guarantee: A timely decision or your money back. The agency has category-specific timelines for acting on the applications it receives for permits, licenses, plan approvals, registrations, determinations and other approvals. If MassDEP fails to approve or deny your application before time expires, it is required to refund 100 percent of the application fee. Permit Fact Sheet” in the application instructions. It is in your best interest to submit an accurate and complete application. If your application has administrative or technical deficiencies, a second review period will be required in each case, thereby extending the timeline for a final decision. Timely response to a deficiency statement will ensure a timely response by MassDEP.