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Pdf emergency response guide book

The sponsoring agency liaises with, deploys and may train or supervise the training of CERT members. The sponsoring agency receives and pdf emergency response guide book federal and state Citizen Corps grant funds allocated to its CERT program.

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Many sponsoring agencies employ a full-time community-service person as liaison to the CERT members. In some communities, the liaison is a volunteer and CERT member. As people are trained and agree to join the community emergency response effort, a CERT is formed. Initial efforts may result in a team with only a few members from across the community.

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As the number of members grow, a single community-wide team may subdivide. Post, or the training can be added to a school’s graduation curriculum. Some CERTs form a club or service corporation, and recruit volunteers to perform training on behalf of the sponsoring agency. This reduces the financial and human resource burden on the sponsoring agency. A CERT volunteer practices using a fire extinguisher.

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