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Pdf 3 digit iso country codes

They were first included as part of the ISO 3166 standard in its first edition in 1974. MA will never use these codes in the updating process of the standard. The World Service Authority World Passport contains “WSA” as the authority code. Pdf 3 digit iso country codes has been filed with the International Civil Aviation Organization, but does not appear in official ICAO documents as valid.

ISO alpha-3 codes, but also defines alpha-2 codes incompatible with ISO 3166-1. Reserved code elements are codes which have become obsolete, or are required in order to enable a particular user application of the standard but do not qualify for inclusion in ISO 3166-1. MA, when justified, reserves these codes which it undertakes not to use for other than specified purposes during a limited or indeterminate period of time. Transitional reserved code elements are codes reserved after their deletion from ISO 3166-1.

These codes may be used only during a transitional period of at least five years while new code elements that may have replaced them are taken into use. MA after the expiration of the transitional period. These code elements are expected eventually to be either eliminated or replaced by code elements within ISO 3166-1. MA has reserved such code elements for an indeterminate period.

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe. Description of change: Change of the alpha-3 Code element for Romania from ROM to ROU following a request of the Government of Romania. This page was last edited on 8 January 2018, at 04:14. This is a featured list.

Click here for more information. The alphabetic country codes were first included in ISO 3166 in 1974, and the numeric country codes were first included in 1981. However, it is not the only standard for country codes. Currently 249 countries, territories, or areas of geographical interest are assigned official codes in ISO 3166-1. Once a country name or territory name appears in either of these two sources, it will be added to ISO 3166-1 by default. European Union within the framework of ISO 3166-1″. The country names used in ISO 3166-1 are taken from the two UN sources mentioned above.

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