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The latter was safely evacuated during the Battle of the Ruhr. Even after this switch of focus to Hamburg, there would be further raids on the Ruhr area by the RAF—in part to keep German defences dispersed, just as there had been raids on areas other than the Pathfinder campaign setting technology guide pdf during the battle.

The Wellington and Stirling were the two oldest designs and limited in the type or weight of bombs carried. The Stirling was also limited to a lower operational height. The combined use of the latter two were most effective in setting fires in urban areas. British raids were by night – the losses in daylight raids having been too heavy to bear. Pathfinders could mark the targets despite the industrial haze and cloud cover that obscured the area by night. Guidance markers put the main force over the target area, where they would then drop their bombloads on target markers.

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The number of Oboe aircraft that could be used at any time was limited by the number of ground stations. American heavy bomber designs had a bomb bay suitable to carry the RAF’s blockbuster bombs or anything comparable. USAAF raids were by daylight, the closely massed groups of bombers covering each other with defensive fire against fighters. Between them, the Allies could mount “round the clock” bombing. The USAAF forces in the UK were still increasing during 1943 and the majority of the bombing was by the RAF.

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The German defence consisted of anti-aircraft weapons and day and night fighters. By July 1943, the German night fighter force totalled 550. This was about one-third of all anti-aircraft guns in Germany. Six-hundred thousand personnel were required to man the AA defences of Germany. Raid by 457 aircraft – 158 Wellingtons, 156 Lancasters, 91 Halifaxes, 42 Stirlings, 10 Mosquitos on Krupp factory in Essen. This raid occurred on the same night as a major raid on Berlin.