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Hi, I had recently to implement a mechanism for showing documents into a WPF application. The very first solution was outlook pdf preview no preview edge start a new process using the path of the selected file. I had recently to implement a mechanism for showing documents into a WPF application.

The only condition for this to work it’s that the file extension should have been previously registered to be opened with an specific application. Then the client decided showing documents by embedding them into the application. So, I started researching about how to display Portable documents, Word documents, Excel documents into a WPF application. Finally after some research I got to a nice solution which will display many documents formats with the only condition of having the proper software installed into the PC where the application is gonna run.

This is not a bullet proof solution, but it is kind extensible for brave developers. For example for visualizing Microsoft Office documents you will have to have installed Microsoft Office in the computer where the application is going to run. It’s the same case for PDF files, where you need to have a Preview Handler installed. Preview Handlers is a technology added into Windows Vista, and it’s meant to readonly quick preview of files. Finally I found a more elaborated solution from Coding4Fun .

To use the Preview Handler Host you will need only two projects. Compile them and the create a new WPF project. The codeplex project hasn’t been updated in awhile, thus you’re more likely to have to update the solution file to a new version of visual studio. Forms since it will be required by the Preview Handler libraries.

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Thanks, for the sharing of your know how, it was very helpful. Iryna Grimpe, thank you so much for your comment, and also for sharing your code. Office 2010 it works perfectly: i have previews for files with extensions PDF, doc, docx, xls, xlsx, ppt, pptx, vsd. Excuse me, I forgot to mention that I coded this sample on Windows 7 and Office 2010. I haven’t checked its behavior on Windows 8 yet. Were you able to resolve the issue on Windows 8?