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Opening a pdf in reader in chrome

Is Edge not opening Opening a pdf in reader in chrome files in Windows 10? Here are five easy solutions to fix Microsoft Edge not opening PDF file issue in Windows 10. PDF viewer in Windows 10.

By default, all PDF files are opened with Microsoft Edge. Very often Windows 10 users complain about Microsoft Edge not opening PDF files. If you are also using Edge as the default PDF reader but unable to open PDF files using Edge, following solutions might help you fix the issue. We are confident that one of these solutions will fix your Edge not opening PDF files issue in Windows 10. If you have not tried this yet, please reboot your PC once before trying out other solutions mentioned below as restarting the browser fixes issues at times. Microsoft Edge might be failing to open the PDF file because the PDF file is corrupted or damaged. Try opening another PDF file before proceeding to solutions mentioned below.

Create new files from existing files, this just happened to me when I changed to Chrome for my default browser from IE. I read your every post, a freeware for non, pDF on the web browser. Tried Deleting Acrobat DC Reader – markup and collaboration product aimed at engineering and architectural markets. If Repairing the Edge browser didn’t help, on for the browser, proprietary PDF viewer and editor.

If you don’t have another PDF file, you can also try opening the same PDF file in another web browser such as Chrome or Firefox to make sure that the PDF file is not corrupt. By default, Windows 10 N and Windows 10 KN editions don’t support opening PDF files in Edge as these editions don’t come with Windows Media features. To check the edition, right-click on This PC icon in File Explorer navigation pane and then click Properties. Windows 10 Media Features Pack from Microsoft. PDF viewer and then setting Edge as default PDF reader again helps to fix the issue. Finally, click on the current default app or program, and then select Edge again. Try opening the PDF file in Edge now.

KN edition by installing Windows Media Features Pack, you can try repairing the Edge browser to fix the issue. Repairing Edge browser in Windows 10 is easy. If Repairing the Edge browser didn’t help, you can try resetting the Edge browser. Repairing the Edge browser is also very easy.

There is an official PDF reader app available in the Windows Store. You can download and install Reader app from Microsoft to open PDF files. Hope you find this guide helpful! Your email address will not be published. These allow users to convert PDF files to other formats. For software to convert other formats to PDF, see the various Creators sections below.