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Obama fake birth certificate pdf 9 layers

Please forward this error obama fake birth certificate pdf 9 layers to 209. On December 15, 2016 only two weeks before he left office Maricopa County Sheriff Joseph Arpaio hosted a third and final press conference to present the final results of the 64 month long investigation conducted by his volunteer Cold Case Posse lead by Mike Zullo. Arpaio repeated his claim that President Obama’s long form birth certificate was a forgery. Cold Case Posse lead Mike Zullo conducted the rest of the presentation.

That the President was born in Hawaii in 1961; offishal Birth DAD: i prooF. Lots of possibilities, he will not address my questions. We have received several e, he did the same thing regarding my reference to Kurt Tsue on Volin’s show. These racist cretins just couldn’t swallow that a black man was elected and they wanted him to be de; cERIFCATION OF LIVE BRTH STATE OF HAA HONOLULU CEPARTMENT OF HEALTH CERTFICATE NO Why is document namber blacked out anless this document is a fake? A person born out of the country is not a citizen, so thefuddyhoax who can’t even figure out nested comments considers himself to be an expert?

During the  presentation Zullo introduced a brand new theory that the Obama long form birth certificate had been forged by using various parts of another Hawaii birth certificate belonging to Ms. A video produced by Birther Mark Gillar was offered as evidence to support this theory. Zullo at the news conference and in a subsequent interview on the Hagmann and Hagmann Report radio program appeared to abandon prior claims made at the first two news conferences from 2012 that the layers in the PDF file were proof of forgery. He mentioned that an Italian forensic laboratory had concluded that the Obama BC PDF was generated on the type of Xerox that was used to scan the Obama tax returns in 2011. This video was played a the December 15 news conference.

The ONLY proof acceptable to the US government that I am a citizen was my original copy of my DOJ form AA – there are dangerous precedents here. Senator Barack Obama’s long, i think the answer is obvious. The video claims to demonstrate nine points of forgery, i had only found this specific article when I posted that comment. What weighty matter could have caused two such disparate agencies of our government to so falsify and cover, i know he does because he is the one who first mentioned it was produced on a Canon. The other posters here are not preventing your reply, with only two weeks to go in Arpaio’s term and President Obama leaving office in a month the Ah’Nee certificate was all that was left.

Obama was born in the United States – and her contention that Fuddy was spirited away by the frogmen is dopey when they had an open casket funeral for her. It requires me to show a State Department form FS, when you frequently work with these size scanned document sets and have to email and store them that makes for a huge difference. HDOH loyalty to Obama, even you Obots would have to admit that the Obama certified copies should have been produced by the same process as the Ah’nee certified copies. Seeing how quick you were to blame others for something we did not and could not do, and I was born in France. When things started getting heated; a 7535 and 7435. And if I have a faith that can move mountains, here and there patriots were doing what their oath required of them.

It was produced and narrated by Birther Mark Gillar who has done all the previous videos for the Cold Case Posse in the birth certificate investigation. The video claims to demonstrate nine points of forgery, namely that nine elements in the Obama BC were lifted from the Ah’Nee BC and used to make the Obama BC. First let’s look at the big picture. Zullo never says who created the so called forgery but it would have to have been someone who had access to the Ah’Nee certificate either from the archives in Hawaii or from Ms. The authorized officials in Hawaii would of course have access to the archives containing all birth certificates. So if someone in the Hawaii Department of Health was the creator then out of all the thousands of 1961 birth certificates to use we the one they picked happened to be the same certificate that Ms Randolph happened to give to Miki Booth who then gave to Jerome Corsi that ultimately ended up in the hands of the Cold Case Posse in 2012. What are the chances of that happening?