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Nuts magazine uk final issue pdf

This article is about the men’s magazine. Unsourced nuts magazine uk final issue pdf may be challenged and removed. The magazine was published by German company Bauer Media Group.

The Co-op said that it was responding to consumer concern. 27 February 2006 with a special promotional issue that was free of charge. The first official issue came out a week later on 20 February 2006. From 2012 til present day, the sex and relationship advice column is presented by regular cover model, Ashlee Adams.

Garrett—taken for a charity fund-raiser—was reproduced in the magazine accompanied by an allegedly salacious caption. On the 17 September 2015 Bauer Media issued a press release confirming the closure of the Australian weekly edition. The edition was discontinued by February 2008. This page was last edited on 31 December 2017, at 02:41. Torrentz will always love you.

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