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The DRTA process encourages students to be active and thoughtful readers, enhancing their comprehension. Why use notice and note nonfiction pdf reading thinking activity?

It activates students’ prior knowledge. It teaches students to monitor their understanding of the text as they’re reading. It helps strengthen reading and critical thinking skills. Teachers should follow the steps below when creating a DRTA.

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Determine the text to be used and pre-select points for students to pause during the reading process. Introduce the text, the purpose of the DRTA, and provide examples of how to make predictions. Note: Be aware of the reading levels of each student, and be prepared to provide appropriate questions, prompts, and support as needed. Teachers direct and activate students’ thinking prior to reading a passage by scanning the title, chapter headings, illustrations, and other materials. Given this title, what do you think the passage will be about?

Students read up to the first pre-selected stopping point. The teacher then prompts the students with questions about specific information and asks them to evaluate their predictions and refine them if necessary. This process should be continued until students have read each section of the passage. At the end of each section, students go back through the text and think about their predictions. Students should verify or modify their predictions by finding supporting statements in the text.

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