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Meyer’s diary immediately after her death have prompted investigation of possible CIA involvement in her murder. Additionally, Army personnel records for prosecution witness Lt. Mitchell, released in 2015 and 2016 under the Freedom of Information Act, corroborate his ties to the intelligence community. CIA involvement has also been suggested by the phone call that was placed by top Agency official Wistar Janney to Ben Bradlee, hours before the police had identified Meyer’s body. The man accused of the murder, Ray Crump, Jr. The murder remains officially unsolved.

Pinchot as a reporter for a newspaper syndication service. May 1947 and its membership doubled. Mary Meyer wrote for the organization’s journal. American print and broadcast media toward the CIA line. With her husband’s CIA appointment, they moved to Washington D. During her time as a CIA wife, Pinchot Meyer was openly critical of the Agency and its programs, likening CIA Director Allen Dulles to Machiavelli. Allen Dulles and Frank Wisner aggressively defended Meyer and he remained with the CIA.

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However, by early 1954, Cord Meyer had become unhappy with his CIA career. He used contacts from his covert operations in Operation Mockingbird to approach several New York publishers for a job but was rebuffed. Pinchot Meyer and Jackie Kennedy became acquainted and “they went on walks together. One of Pinchot Meyer’s close friends was her Vassar chum, Cicely d’Autremont, who married James Angleton. On December 18, 1956, the Meyers’ middle son Michael, aged nine, was hit by a car near their house and killed. Although this tragedy briefly brought Pinchot Meyer and Cord Meyer closer for a time, Mary filed for divorce in 1958. After the divorce, Pinchot Meyer and her two surviving sons moved to Georgetown.

Mary was bad,” a friend recalled. Angleton told Joan Bross, the wife of John Bross, a high-ranking CIA official, that he had begun tapping Mary Meyer’s telephone after she left her husband. Angleton often visited the family home and took her sons on fishing outings. Pinchot Meyer visited John F.

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