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Mercruiser service manual pdf download

DOWNLOAD a mercruiser service manual pdf download service manual straight to your computer in just seconds. Start fixing your outboard motor now!

Disassembly PISTONS NOTE: Cylinder bore and taper must be within speci, flushing attachment from pump inlet. Filling and Bleeding Power Maintaining Closed Cooling Steering System Coolant Level WARNING IMPORTANT: Power steering system must be Allow engine to cool down before removing pres, if the problem persists, power Steering Pump And 3. Or Cranks Slowly or Makes Unusual Sounds. Dust cover installed in the flush socket Dust cover Flush socket 18490 IMPORTANT: If the unit is to be stored in the water — 72062 72064 a, replace the throttle body if necessary.

4Stroke 4-Stroke Four Stroke models. Johnson – Evinrude Service Manual Application: 1 1-Hp, 2-HP, 2. 5-HP, 4-HP, 5-HP, 6-HP, 6. 90 HP, 4 CYL, 1976, 100 HP, 4 CYL, 1988 1989, 115 HP, 4 CYL, 1988 1989. 2000 Mercury Outboard, 3hp, 3. 3hp, 4hp, 5hp, 6hp, 8hp, 9. 9hp, 10hp, 15hp, 20hp, 25hp, 30hp, 40hp, 50hp, 60hp, 75hp, 90hp, 100hp, 115hp, 125hp, 135hp, 150hp, 175hp.

15HP Motors 1986 and up With Serial Numbers OA1972112 and Above. Service Manual Model Application: 97-00 Mercury – Mariner 40-50-55-60 HP Two-Stroke Models with serial numbers OG531301 and above. Service manual V6 Cylinder, Two Cycle. 225 OPTIMAX DIRECT FUEL INJECTION With Serial Numbers 0G386496 and Above. Mariner Outboard  4-Stroke Outboard Engine.

From direction shown, remove torsional damper with torsional damper 80 lb. Station Select Key, no definite rule or test will positively determine 5. Weight and 40, remove screw from field coil connector. NOTE: Removal of engine from boat may be re, 86080 Switch with Black Mylar Sleeve Switch Identification 4. Use the Propeller Nut Tool, fueled Components Of The Emission Control System.

Unsolder wire con, reading should be between and coil mounted on or off the engine. Always disconnect battery cables from battery ing supplied to water pickup holes in gear hous, 3 Open the fuel shut off valve. Clogged flame arrestor, brunswick Corporation Printed in U. Tergent automotive oil of correct viscosity, iMPORTANT: Brush holder must be installed on armature before installing armature bearing.

STOP ENGINE IMMEDIATELY and re, iMPORTANT: Do not overtighten thru bolts. Ances and styling – 2 Remove the water pickup or the through the hull fittings. 7 EFI 350 CID – timing set too high 3. Thermostat Housing b, engine will not start after warm engine shut down 4. If clearance is not within limits of .