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Sir John Watson Gordon – James Hogg, memoirs of a woman doctor pdf – 1835. The Ettrick Shepherd’ – Google Art Project.

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As a young man he worked as a shepherd and farmhand, and was largely self-educated through reading. 9 December, his actual date of birth having never been recorded. Robert and David later emigrated to the United States, while James and William remained in Scotland for their entire lives. James attended a parish school for a few months before his education was stopped due to his father’s bankruptcy as a stock-farmer and sheep-dealer. Robert Hogg was then given the position of shepherd at Ettrickhouse farm by one of his neighbours. James worked as a farm servant throughout his childhood, tending cows, doing general farm work, and acting as a shepherd’s assistant.

His early experiences of literature and story telling came from the Bible and his mother’s and uncle’s stories. In 1784 he purchased a fiddle with money that he had saved, and taught himself how to play it. In 1785 he served a year working for a tenant farmer at Singlee. In 1786 he went to work for Mr. Laidlaw of Ellibank, staying with him for eighteen months. In 1788 he was given his first job as a shepherd by Laidlaw’s father, a farmer at Willenslee.

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He stayed here for two years, learning to read while tending sheep, and being given newspapers and theological works by his employer’s wife. Hogg later said that Laidlaw was more like a father to him than an employer. Seeing how hard he was working to improve himself, Laidlaw offered to help by making books available for Hogg from his own library, and through a local lending library. Hogg also began composing songs to be sung by local girls. It was at this time that Hogg, his eldest brother, and several cousins, formed a literary society of shepherds. During this period Hogg wrote plays and pastorals, and continued producing songs.

In 1800 he left Blackhouse to help take care of his parents at Ettrickhouse. His patriotic song “Donald Macdonald” also achieved popularity. In the summer of 1802 he embarked on the first of three tours of the Highlands with a view to securing a farm of his own. He eventually found a farm on Harris but due to trouble with his finances and a legal issue he was unable to secure a lease by 1804. In October 1806 he became the lover of a young woman named Catherine Henderson. At the end of summer 1807 his daughter by Catherine Henderson was born, baptized on 13 December as Catherine Hogg.