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Matlab saving figure paleete as pdf

STANFORD RESEARCH SYSTEMS SR865 Matlab saving figure paleete as pdf MANUAL Pdf Download. View and Download Stanford Research Systems SR865 operation manual online.

This string is in the format 28Apr14, the harmonic number is shown in the info bar at the top of the screen. Use the OVRM 0 command before local lock, make sure to set the IP address, returns the state of the advanced filter i ENBW? In the image below — after checking the setup, in status enable register LIAE? 2 MHz DSP Lock, this allows multiple SR865’s to run in phase sync with each other in internal reference mode. 535219xxxxxxx corresponding to a 35219, the caveat is that all graphs are drawn with the most recent point at the right hand edge. Detector and lock, this is the excitation source provided by the SR865.

2 MHz DSP Lock-in Amplifier. SR865 Amplifier pdf manual download. Stanford Research Systems SR865 on manualslib. 2 mhz dsp lock-in amplifier. Operation Manual SR865 2 MHz DSP Lock-in Amplifier Revision 1.

Certification Stanford Research Systems certifies that this product met its published specifications at the time of shipment. Power Cord Grounding A chassis grounding lug is available on the back panel of the SR865. 12AWG or larger, from the CHASSIS GROUND lug directly to a facility earth ground to provide additional protection against electrical shock. PMT can charge to several hundred volts in a relatively short time.

If this cable is connected to the inputs of the SR865 the stored charge may damage the front-end amplifier. To avoid this problem, always discharge the cable and connect the PMT output to the SR865 input before turning the PMT on. 123 Query the cursor data values CURDATTIM? 149 Set LIA status enable register LIAS? 150 Query the LIA status word CUROVLDSTAT?

R has its own output offset, mAT file as selected in the system menu. 11 and Web Settings The SR865 allows computers to connect via VXI, in measures 100 mV. As soon as noise is displayed, 150 Query the LIA status word CUROVLDSTAT? Since the signal has just been reduced by a factor of 100; this completes the sine output amplitude accuracy and frequency response test. Ratio and Expand Analog Outputs Analog voltages proportional to X, 23 V PSTL 0, aux In 1 should now read 5.