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Mate in one puzzles pdf

A few years ago I discovered a very mate in one puzzles pdf web site with a lot of beautiful color and pattern match puzzles. Hirose Yukio is a Japanese puzzle designer and designs very nice puzzles and share them in his web site.

I made one for my collection almost all his puzzles. Here I will explain my method for making this kind of puzzles. I start by printing puzzle sheets with a laser printer. Laser printer printouts are more durable than inkjets. I prefer using a heavy paper. 2 and I use this limit.

For tiles I am using 3 mm grey cardboard. I apply carpenter glue quickly to grey cardboard and to paper. I fix paper to cardboard with care. You can start from top or bottom side of paper and fix it without trapping air between cardboard and paper. After I place this to a flat surface and under something heavy.

I let it to dry. After I glue a wallpaper to the back side of the cardboard. You can see from photo my red wallpaper. You can find very cheap wallpapers from stores.

At end of seasons stores makes big discounts for out of production or end of stock products. Now your tiles are ready for cutting I am using a thick metal ruler and a heavy duty craft knife. You must be careful for your fingers. After making your tiles you can find a nice box for them. I found first box shown on the photo in a small shop for less than 0. Other two plastic round box are candy boxes. I made a label on their cover.

I am sure you will find your own best method. The aim of this puzzle is arranging six tiles for obtaining 7 shape pair. You can see the original puzzle from Rob’s puzzle page. The original of this puzzle instead of shapes contains half of domino tiles. I like share here my unusual and simple method for making this puzzle. I made puzzle tiles from 3 mm plywood. This buttons are cheap and you can find a lot of different shapes.