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Love freedom and aloneness osho pdf

Love freedom and aloneness osho pdf’s Nobel Prize-winning poet, Rabindranath Tagore. Osho revitalizes the 3000-year-old Taoist message of self-realization through the stories of the Chinese mystic, Chuang Tzu.

This beautiful edition overflows with the wisdom of one who has realized that state of egolessness himself. Osho introduces these discourses on Zen stories by explaining what the first principle is: that which cannot be said. But it can be shown and experienced as Osho demonstrates in talking on the often bizarre, always maddeningly simple anecdotes about interchanges between Zen masters and their disciples. He also talks on intellect and reason in the seeker’s life, spiritual greed and the real meaning of the Zen dictum to “kill” one’s master.

Somehow Osho takes the enigmatic quality of Zen and shows us its pragmatic truth, without robbing it of its inherent magic, charm or humor. Reading him is a liberating experience which everyone can reach. A deeply moving account of a rare and provocative experiment in human growth, these are Osho’s last discourses given in the US. While most of his disciples are experiencing the fruition of their efforts to manifest a living community based on Osho’s vision, a small, power-motivated group’s secret attempts to take control of the commune, poison Osho and his doctor is revealed as they flee the country. Through it all, Osho answers the questions of disciples and friends devastated and confused by the wanton disregard of the few corrupted people. His answers expose the truth with uncompromising compassion as he talks on fascism, power games and individual responsibility.

As always Osho indicates how absolutely everything can be used by the seeker to wake up and be more aware. Sensing the storm about to descend on his American commune, Osho responds to residents and visitors’ questions. The topics cover the whole spectrum of human concern — poverty, AIDS, education, politics, creativity, existentialism, psychology, nuclear war, power, relationships, money. Osho answers each with respect and compassion, always going beyond the surface of the rational mind to the deeper waters, to the very source. I’ve accepted as my religion is related to my own experiences and has any relevance to my day to day life?

Looking for the answers, we find our minds so full of ideas instilled from birth – sin and guilt, reward and punishment, this world and the other, somebody out there bigger than us who we should obey – it’s almost impossible to untangle the mess and start from scratch. In this series of discourses Osho exposes our conditioned beliefs as a means by which to help us experience life and its inherent religiousness from a fresh perspective, with our own, individual eyes. A must for the thinking Christian. You just don’t read Osho, you undefine yourself.

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With complete clarity, and using examples, anecdotes and quotations which amaze the reader with their range, Osho expresses his way of thinking: to destroy every religion and to create Man all over again out of his own depth of being. From Misery to Enlightenment provokes energy, optimism and enthusiasm for life and its gifts. It is not a holy book, nor is it a confession of faith. It is a lively and readable account which allows a deep understanding of the vast scope of his teaching, which is directed towards helping us understand who we are, and which is widely debated and widely practiced.

Krishnamurti, the infallibility of the pope, and Osho’s daily routine. These discourses make it clear why Osho became the nemesis of established religious and political hierarchies all over the world. This volume captures the fast pace of Osho’s six-week stay in Nepal, the birthplace of Buddha. What is your message to the modern Nepalese Buddhists? What is your message for the Pope who is in India now?