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1990 Published by Elsevier Inc. Descriptions of ghosts vary widely from an invisible presence to translucent or barely visible wispy shapes, to realistic, lifelike visions. Ghosts are generally described as solitary, human-like essences, though stories of ghostly armies and the ghosts of animals rather than humans have also been recounted. The overwhelming consensus of science is that ghosts do not exist. Also from the Old English period, the word could denote the spirit of God, viz.

German word, literally a “noisy ghost”, for a spirit said to manifest itself by invisibly moving and influencing objects. In 18th- to 19th-century Scottish literature, it also applied to aquatic spirits. Earth until there is no-one left to remember the one who died. In many cultures malignant, restless ghosts are distinguished from the more benign spirits involved in ancestor worship. Although the human soul was sometimes symbolically or literally depicted in ancient cultures as a bird or other animal, it appears to have been widely held that the soul was an exact reproduction of the body in every feature, even down to clothing the person wore. Another widespread belief concerning ghosts is that they are composed of a misty, airy, or subtle material.

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Earth and the breath of God. The appearance of a ghost has often been regarded as an omen or portent of death. White Lady legends are found around the world. Common to many of them is the theme of losing or being betrayed by a husband or fiancé. The idea of ghosts can be considered a tradition for certain cultures. Many believe in the spirit world and often try to stay in contact with their loved ones.

Supernatural activity inside homes is said to be mainly associated with violent or tragic events in the building’s past such as murder, accidental death, or suicide—sometimes in the recent or ancient past. But not all hauntings are at a place of a violent death, or even on violent grounds. Some religious views argue that the ‘spirits’ of those who have died have not ‘passed over’ and are trapped inside the property where their memories and energy are strong. Ghosts were thought to be created at time of death, taking on the memory and personality of the dead person. They traveled to the netherworld, where they were assigned a position, and led an existence similar in some ways to that of the living. Relatives of the dead were expected to make offerings of food and drink to the dead to ease their conditions.