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Click the View full text link to bypass dynamically loaded article content. Motor response inhibition is a psychological construct of both theoretical and clinical importance. For two decades, investigators have combined functional brain imaging and various behavioral paradigms to examine the neural substrates of response inhibition. We briefly review this literature and highlight the potential roles of the presupplementary motor area and right inferior frontal cortex in set- and stimulus-driven processes. While the distinction between proactive and reactive controls provides a conceptual framework to elucidate the component processes of response inhibition, individual brain regions may partake in both processes. MD from the National Taiwan University and PhD from the California Institute of Technology.

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He conducted postdoctoral research in neurophysiology in behaving monkeys at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and in human brain imaging at Yale University. He is currently an associate professor of psychiatry and of neurobiology at Yale University School of Medicine. His research combines psychophysics, computational modeling, brain imaging, and pharmacology to examine the neural processes of cognitive control and how these processes are compromised in psychiatric conditions. His research is funded by the NIDA, NIAAA, and NSF. This article has not been cited.

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