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This paper reviews recent research on learning patterns of student teachers and experienced teachers, mostly in the context of educational innovation and learning how to learn novak pdf’ professional development. The discussion is structured along a model of teacher learning patterns comprising learning activities, regulation of learning, beliefs on own learning about teaching, motivations to learn about teaching, learning outcomes, and personal and contextual factors. Patterns in teacher learning across studies are identified and problematic aspects of teacher learning are discussed.

It is concluded that teachers differ in the learning patterns they adopt, and that these patterns differ with regard to the quality of teacher learning and professional development in the context of adaptation to educational change and innovations. Implications for fostering teacher learning are derived. A model of patterns in teacher learning is derived. Teachers differ in the quality of the learning patterns they adopt. In everyday teacher learning problematic aspects play an important role. Teachers often show suboptimal developments in learning patterns.

Basic learning patterns are manifested differently in student and teacher learning. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. President Jimmy Carter’s Notes from his private meeting with Pope John Paul II, October 6, 1979. Note-taking has been an important part of human history and scientific development. Note-taking is a central aspect of a complex human behavior related to information management involving a range of underlying mental processes and their interactions with other cognitive functions.

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