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File:Julia set learn julia the hard way pdf slice animation. Assume that p and q are each nonconstant and that they have no common roots. This suggests a simple algorithm for plotting Julia sets, see below.

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Julia set is a fractal and not a simple curve. Each of the Fatou domains has the same boundary, which consequently is the Julia set. This means that each point of the Julia set is a point of accumulation for each of the Fatou domains. Julia set must have points of more than two different open sets infinitely close, and this means that the Julia set cannot be a simple curve. A video of the Julia sets as above. Collection of Julia sets laid out in a grid such that the center of each image corresponds to the same position in the complex plane as the value of the set. When laid out like this the overall image resembles the Mandelbrot set.

Here there are 100×100 julia sets. Julia set looks like a branched lightning bolt. 2, the tip of the long spiky tail, the Julia set is a straight line segment. Julia sets are also commonly defined in the study of dynamics in several complex variables. The below pseudocode implementations hard code the functions for each fractal. The equipotential lines for this function are concentric circles. We can colour on the basis of the distance to the center line of the field line, and we can mix this colouring with the usual colouring.