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Both the Spanish and the Portuguese brought African slaves to their colonies, as laborers, particularly in regions where indigenous populations who could be latin america an interpretive history pdf to work were absent. In the early nineteenth century nearly all of areas of Spanish America attained independence by armed struggle, with the exceptions of Cuba and Puerto Rico. Brazil, which had become a monarchy separate from Portugal, became a republic in the late nineteenth century.

Political independence from European monarchies did not result in the abolition of black slavery in the new sovereign nations. Political independence resulted in political and economic instability in Spanish America immediately after independence. The idea was later taken up by Latin American intellectuals and political leaders of the mid- and late-nineteenth century, who no longer looked to Spain or Portugal as cultural models, but rather to France. In the mid-twentieth century, especially in the United States, there was a trend to occasionally classify all of the territory south of the United States as “Latin America,” especially when the discussion focused on its contemporary political and economic relations to the rest of the world, rather than solely on its cultural aspects. Since, the concept and definitions of Latin American are very modern, going back only to the nineteenth century, it is anachronistic to talk about “a history of Latin America” before the arrival of the Europeans.

They are introduced in the next section. What is now Latin America has been populated for several millennia, possibly for as long as 30,000 years. Precise dating of many of the early civilizations is difficult because there are few text sources. During the European colonization of the western hemisphere, most of the native population died, mainly by disease. Because the Spanish were now in power, native culture and religion were forbidden. These codices contained information about astrology, religion, Gods, and rituals. Dresden Codex, Paris Codex, Madrid Codex, and HI Codex.

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