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Leir’s reign would have occurred around the 8th century BC, around the time of the founding of Rome. Leir was given the longest king lear pdf download free of Geoffrey’s kings, ruling for sixty years. As he neared his death, he divided his kingdom among his three daughters.

Cordelia, despite being her father’s favourite, refused to flatter the king, feeling that he should not need special assurances of her love, and was given no land to rule. Duke Maglaurus of Albany, Goneril’s husband, maintained Leir with a retinue of 60 knights, but his wife reduced this by half after two years. Leir then fled to Regan, who reduced his entourage to only five men. Returning to Albany and pleading with Goneril, Leir was left with a single knight for protection. He sent Cordelia a messenger when he was outside her court at Karitia.

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She had him bathed, royally clothed, and assigned a fittingly large band of retainers. Frankish nobles vowing to restore him to his former glory. Leir, his daughter, and her husband invaded Britain and successfully overthrew his daughters and sons-in-law. Leir ruled three years and then died. An annual feast was held nearby in his honour.

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