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You can optimize a PDF to make it easier for your business kindle app blurry font with pdf and website visitors to access its content. Let the Interent make PDF files for you.

Why Does a PDF File Come Out Blurry When I Make It? PDFs can be slow because they hold too much data or contain unnecessary objects inserted by the programs that created the PDFs. Approaches to speeding up files of this type include configuring your PDF creation program to create optimized PDFs, printing with a free PDF printer and using a resource with functions specifically for PDF optimization. Save as Type control and then click the “Minimum Size” option on the dialog box. Options” button and then uncheck all check boxes under the heading “Include Non-printing Information. This action prevents Word from inserting unnecessary information into the PDF. Click “OK” to close the Options dialog box.

Enter a filename in the Save As dialog box and click “Save” to create the new PDF. Re-creating PDFs with such software often removes unnecessary objects from the slow PDF. Select the PDF printer you installed from listed available printers. Follow the PDF software’s prompts to create the new PDF, and save the PDF with a new file name when prompted. If your software offers a selection of output media for which to optimize the PDF, click the “Screen” or related option. This action reduces the resolution of images in the PDF, which improves speed. However, reducing resolution may result in unacceptable image quality.

If this occurs, repeat this step, but select a higher resolution output media. PDF and then select the slow PDF with the Select File control. Click the link showing your PDF’s file name to download the optimized PDF. Open a slow PDF in Acrobat, select the File menu and choose “Save As. Click “Optimized PDF” to display the PDF Optimizer dialog box. Click the “Audit” button to display the Audit Space dialog box.

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