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September 28, 2015, he dropped out of the race on October 8. From the late 1990s until 2000, he was district director for U. 2002, becoming Republican floor leader during his freshman term in 2003. He won the three-way Republican primary—the real contest in this heavily Republican district—with 85 percent of the vote. He then won the general election with 70. He was virtually unopposed, winning 98.

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Wendy Reed, Democratic Party candidate, received 30. August 2008, which produced the Republican Party Platform for 2008. 99,000 on pastries, bottled water, and other food items, making him the highest-spending member of the House in this category. Cantor lost the June 2014 primary for his seat in Congress, and announced he would step down from House leadership at the end of July. When he assumed the majority leadership position in July 2014, he had served only seven years, six months and 29 days, the least experience of any floor leader in the House’s history by more than a year. He was the presumptive successor to the outgoing Speaker. He added that he would remain on as Majority Leader.

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