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Japanese girl, who travels to the United States to fulfill her kaze no stigma volume 2 pdf of performing at the world-famous Kaleido Stage. Japanese girl with a great talent for acrobatics, comes to Los Angeles, California in hopes of auditioning for the Kaleido Stage, a world-famous circus which has mesmerized her since childhood.

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However, she runs into difficulties as soon as she arrives. She gets lost on her way to the Stage, is leered at by a mysterious stranger, and has her bag stolen by a thief. Employing her acrobatic skills, Sora chases down the criminal. However, after a performer is injured, Kalos, the owner of the circus, offers her to perform. Sora, humiliated by her failed efforts, decides to return to Japan. Kalos, having seen her earlier chase, reconsiders and informs Layla that Sora’s performance will eventually be the main act at the circus, earning her reluctant respect. The other members of Kaleido Stage, particularly Layla, is dissatisfied with Sora.

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With the help of stage manager Ken Robbins, the performers Mia Guillem and Anna Heart, young Marion Begnini, as well as a lot of hard work and determination, Sora begins to earn the respect of those around her. Her personality eventually earns the respect of the performers as well as several increasingly major roles in the productions. She also befriends Layla over time. However, Layla’s father pressures her to leave and insiders plan to take over and shut down Kaleido Stage. Sora relies on her winning personality, hard work and close friendships to keep the stage afloat. In the second season, Sora returns to the stage after attempting the Legendary Great Maneuver with Layla. This leaves Layla’s shoulder injured and unable to perform.

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