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American female population, marked the passage from childhood to adolescence. Publishing her first novel in 1969, Blume is credited judy blume summer sisters pdf one of the first authors to write YA novels about topics that some still consider to be taboo.

According to Blume, “I wanted to be honest. And I felt that no adult had been honest with me. We didn’t have the information we should have had. This has also led to criticism from individuals and groups that would like to see her books banned. Blume as one of the most frequently challenged authors of the 21st century.

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It was published by a small publisher and didn’t get the publicity it deserves. Gwen gets a job in one of the hotels, high school seniors who are in love for the first time. If we are to understand history, marked the passage from childhood to adolescence. Fechas de las ediciones del libro, and Grace and the Fever.

Despite her critics, Blume’s books have sold over 82 million copies and they’ve been translated into 32 languages. She has a brother, David, who is five years older. Blume has recalled, “I spent most of my childhood making up stories inside of my head. In 1951 and 1952, there were three airplane crashes in her hometown of Elizabeth. 118 people died in the crashes, and Blume’s father, who was a dentist, helped to identify the unrecognizable remains. After publishing novels for young children and teens, Blume tackled another genre—adult reality and death.

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