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WNYC reaches more than one million listeners each week and has the largest public radio audience in the United States. WNYC is one of the oldest radio stations in New York. WNYC made its first official broadcast two years later on July 8, 1924, at 570 AM with a second-hand transmitter shipped from Brazil. With the commencement of WNYC’s operations, jhumpa lahiri pdf download npr City of New York became one of the first American municipalities to be directly involved in broadcasting.

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Studios and transmitter were at The Municipal Building, 1 Centre Street. WNYC to daytime-only operations, broadcasting from sunrise to sunset. AM radio waves travel farther at night and WNYC had to protect WCCO from interference. In 1938 the Municipal Broadcasting System was established by the City of New York to run the station. For its first 14 years, WNYC had been run by the New York City Commissioner for Bridges, Plant and Structures.

WNYC would remain a 1,000-watt outlet for the next 48 years. FCC allowed WNYC to stay on the air a few extra hours in the evening due to the public service it was providing. WNYC began regularly scheduled broadcasts on the FM band on March 13, 1943 at 43. Known originally as W39NY, the FM outlet adopted its present WNYC-FM’ identity and its present frequency of 93. 9 MHz within a few years. The following year the station was renamed WNYC-TV. In 1979, several Tri-State residents formed the WNYC Foundation as the stations’ fundraising arm.

WBAP is also a clear-channel 50,000 watt station but much farther from New York City than Minneapolis. WMCA, its former shared-time partner. Giuliani believed that broadcasting was no longer essential as a municipal service, and that the financial compensation from selling the stations could be used to help the City cover budget shortfalls. 20 million over a six-year period, far less than what the stations could have been sold for if they were placed on the open market. While the sale put an end to the occasional political intrusions of the past, it required the WNYC Foundation to embark on a major appeal towards listeners, other foundations, and private benefactors.

The station’s audience and budget have continued to grow since the split from the City. The FM signal was knocked off the air for a time. WNYC temporarily moved to studios at National Public Radio’s New York bureau in midtown Manhattan, where it broadcast on its still operating AM signal transmitting from towers in Kearny, New Jersey and by a live Internet stream. The stations eventually returned to the Municipal Building. The number of recording studios and booths has doubled, to 31.

There is a new 140-seat, street-level studio for live broadcasts, concerts and public forums and an expansion of the newsroom of over 60 journalists. 5 million to cover the cost of creating 40 more hours of new programming and three new shows. 20 million the station had to raise over seven years to buy its licenses from the City in 1997. WNYC also purchased the 105. WQXR-FM’s classical format moved to 105.

9 and WXNY’s Spanish Tropical format debuted at 96. On June 6, 2011, the New Jersey Public Broadcasting Authority agreed to sell four FM stations in northern New Jersey to New York Public Radio. Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me! Prior to her death in 2015, Juntwait served as announcer for the Met’s Saturday afternoon radio broadcasts, the first woman to hold the position and only the third regular announcer of the long-standing broadcast series, which was launched in 1931. As a result, the station receives listener calls from far-flung states and even has international listeners. WNYC-AM-FM has a local news team of 18 journalists, as well as dozens of producers and other broadcasting professionals.

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