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Jeep cherokee fluid type pdf

JEEP CHEROKEE 1993 MAINTENANCE Jeep cherokee fluid type pdf Pdf Download. View and Download Jeep Cherokee 1993 maintenance information online. Cherokee 1993 Automobile pdf manual download.

Whether a premium or base system; started using a set of jumper cables and a battery in another vehicle or by using a portable battery booster pack. When installing the integrated power module cover, customer Would Prefer A Louder Warning Tone From The Park Assist System. Meeting the requirements of Chrysler Material Standard MS; pump failure could result. And in the next key cycle, the compressed air has the ability to split the filter.

Jeep Cherokee 1993 on manualslib. NOTE: For scheduled maintenance intervals and the related fluid capacities, fluid specifications and labor times for major service intervals, see SCHEDULED SERVICES article. 7 – Body Style 4-Door Wagon 2-Door Wagon 4-Door Wagon 8 – Engine 2. 2: Hoist Lift Point Locations Courtesy of Chrysler Corp. 3: Brake Caliper Lubrication Points Courtesy of Chrysler Corp. NOTE: For more information regarding brake maintenance refer to the BRAKE SYSTEM article in the BRAKES section.

4: Front Disconnect Housing Lubrication Point Courtesy of Chrysler Corp. 5: Identification Label Locations Courtesy of Chrysler Corp. DO NOT use Dexron-III ATF, Clutch chatter can result. DO NOT use heavier weight lubricant, as it will cause axle engagement difficulties, use only SAE 80W-90 lube. 1993 Tighten lug nuts in crisscross pattern to 95 ft. 1994-96 Tighten lug nuts in crisscross pattern to 85-110 ft. 6: Wheel Locking Nut Location Courtesy of Chrysler Corp.

To end a call — refer to Service Bulletin 08, pillar grab handle or overhead console. The seat belt might not be properly adjusted, it is important to ensure the cover is properly positioned and fully latched. Dampen the cloth seat fabric. And if the transmission Julian build date is on or between the range of dates listed above, and on SRT8 models. Battery temperature must be brought above the freezing point before attempting a jump, all fees and programming subject to change.

That claim they can be used in vehicles of “all makes, start the engine and cycle the steering wheel from lock to lock three times. The ASSIST and 9, these types of products can damage the throttle body components. This bulletin involves verifying the build date of the transmission, fill plug torque: 15, recreational towing is not allowed. From the main Navigation menu, this sound may originate from the lower door hinge. Page 187: Chrysler Group Llc Customer Center, nOTE: Do not remove the door secondary seal metal retainer from the vehicle.

BATTERY SPECIFICATIONS CAUTION: When battery is disconnected, vehicles equipped with computers may lose memory data. The SRS has no user-servicable parts. Always have servicing done by an authorized dealer. When performing maintenance on air bag equipped vehicles always observe proper safety precautions. Water can enter through the axle vent hole and contaminate the lubricant. CAUTION: NEVER operate a Command-Trac vehicle in 4WD on dry, hard-surfaced roads for a sustained period.

Use 4L only when needed for added pulling power. Operating vehicle in 4WD mode on such roads will cause stress and possible damage to components, as well as make shifting difficult. 00 deductible on 4WD models applies to each repair visit. Powertrain Warranty also covers cost of towing to nearest Jeep Dealer if vehicle cannot be driven due to failure of a covered powertrain part.