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The work of the room attendant is central to the reinstatement of guest rooms, a particularly profitable product in most hotels. To raise the visibility of this work quantitative and qualitative data has been gathered from room attendants in hotels in Cardiff, Wales. A profile of accommodation workers is constructed is loyalty to the unseen reality pdf with an examination of the ways in which their work is organised, controlled and rewarded. Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution.

University of Wales Institute Cardiff. After an initial hotel and human resources management education at Napier University, Edinburgh her career involved accommodation and catering management posts in various sectors of the hospitality industry in the United Kingdom and the United States. Open University, DMS University of Glamorgan and Certificate in Education University of London Institute of Education. Senior Lecturer and Staff Tutor in Social Sciences at the Open University. What is most important to God? Dane’s Blog » What is most important to God?

Have you ever wondered what the single most important thing is to God? What does He value above all else? Today’s post is a bit longer than usual. What is most important to God?

Church, its leaders and mission. Today’s post is a bit longer than usual. Somehow, though, I feel I should urge you to read it all. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. A lot of people know about Spurgeon’s preaching.

Not as many know about his struggles and suffering. A very short but important book by John Piper. What is uppermost in God’s own affections? There’s something here that I feel is capable of utterly shattering your paradigm of living. How do I form a plan to successfully save people from their sins? This concept is not without merit. For there are scores of Bible verses that show the high value that God holds for redeeming a people for Himself.

But is this what is uppermost in God’s affections? Is this what takes the highest priority for Him? One proof of this is the obvious biblical fact that not everyone will be saved. While there are many people who believe that in the end every single person will be saved, this was clearly not the belief that Jesus held. Jesus taught more about heaven and hell than any other biblical authority . According to Jesus, and the Bible, there is certainly a place of eternal punishment, away from the presence of Almighty God. If in saving a particular person, God would have to sin against His own glorious nature, then He will in no wise do so.

Pause and think at this point. It is exactly here that the redemption that we have through the grace of our Lord Jesus becomes exceedingly great and precious. Jesus died on the cross so that God could save sinners without transgressing His own glory in doing so. While God’s love would certainly motivate Him to be merciful to sinners, His holiness and justice would not allow Him to have fellowship with rebellion and sin. Without the redemption provided at the Cross, no one could be saved. Without the Cross, the entire sinful world deservingly goes to hell. So what does this prove?

It proves that there is something even more important to God than saving every sinner. The highest thing in God’s affections is the demonstration and preservation of His own excellencies and glory. The universe holds together because of the consistency and glory of God’s infinitely holy Self. Consequently, heaven and hell exist because of God’s loyalty to His own glorious Being.

One final thought along these lines has the potential to revolutionize someone’s life. If God is so great and pure and powerful, then why did He allow sin into the universe in the first place? God allowed sin to enter His universe, because through it He could most effectively, efficiently, and infinitely demonstrate and preserve His own excellencies and glory. God is holy and just.

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