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Introduction to web technology by pankaj sharma pdf

Please forward this error screen to introduction to web technology by pankaj sharma pdf-in-42. Ensuring safety and hygiene of meat and meat products is a major challenge for industry. The cocktail of reactive species in cold plasma make it an excellent decontamination intervention.

Plasma acts rapidly against bacteria, bacterial spores, yeast, and molds. Quality parameters of plasma treated meat remain under research. Plasma processes in food industry are likely to become real in near future. Elimination of microbiological contamination of meat and meat products is of paramount importance for consumer food safety.

Cold plasma is a rapid, effective nonthermal technology for food applications which possesses several of the typical traits desired by the industry from a decontamination intervention to ensure food safety. The rapid microbiological inactivation achieved with cold plasma has led to an explosion of interest in this subject. This review provides a critical summary of the studies pertinent to decontamination of meat and meat products using cold plasma technology along with a summary of the mechanisms involved. In addition, the review also discusses the effects of cold plasma on quality of meat and meat products, highlights some emerging applications of plasma technology in the meat sector, and lays directions for future research. Majority of the studies have demonstrated the successful application of cold plasma for decontamination of meat and meat products. With rapid on-going developments in plasma science, plasma technologies could be used to replace conventional decontamination technologies in meat industry in the near future.

Check if you have access through your login credentials or your institution. Role and impact of social media in healthcare has moved to a centered-stage. Social media has been proved to be effective in disseminating health information. To foresee the impact of web-based tools on the outcome of healthcare interventions. To what extent ontology has been helpful in extracting relevant healthcare data.

The role of social media in healthcare industry and impact of patient engagement has moved to centered-stage and is continuously propelled by patient demand, mobile technology and mounting influence of the native digital generation. The pace with which the social activity is growing, it is important to foresee what impact these web-based platforms are having on the deliverance and outcome of healthcare interventions. This survey looks at how far social media has been prove to be effective in disseminating health information and to what extent ontological advancing approaches have been helpful in extracting relevant knowledge from sheer amount of healthcare data. FREE Selenium Tutorials for beginners – Learn Selenium automation step by step with hands-on simple practical examples. Best online Selenium training tutorials.

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In this Selenium training series, we will cover all Selenium testing concepts and its packages in detail with easy to understand practical examples. Starting from the very basic Selenium concepts tutorial, we will gradually move on to the advanced topics like Framework creation, Selenium Grid, and Cucumber BDD. We will be increasing our article posting frequency for this series. Please don’t miss any tutorial.

Keep a track of all the tutorials by bookmarking this page as we will keep updating it with the links to all new Selenium tutorials. All Selenium Training Tutorials are listed below for your handy reference. How to start Learning Selenium? This is the best time to start learning Selenium testing by your own with the help of this free Selenium Training series. Read tutorials, practice examples at your home, and put your queries in the comment section of the respective tutorials. We will address all of these queries. This is one of our serious effort to help you learn and master one of the most popular software testing tools!

In this series, we will look at the various facets of Selenium. Selenium is not just a tool, it is a cluster of independent tools. We will look into some of the Selenium tools in detail with practical examples wherever applicable. Before you jump into reading this exciting and useful series, let us take a look at what it has got in store for you.

The current industry trends have shown that there is a mass movement towards automation testing. Hence a cluster of repetitive manual testing scenarios has raised a demand to bring in the practice of automating these manual scenarios. There are several Automation testing benefits which are well understood and largely talked about in the software testing industry. What is the best tool for me to get my tests automated? Is there a cost involved in it? Is it easy to adapt?