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Interpreter of maladies short story pdf

2000 and has sold over 15 million copies worldwide. Best Debut of the Year and is on Oprah Winfrey’s Top Ten Book List. From the point of view of Shukumar, we are given interpreter of maladies short story pdf and pieces of memory which slowly gives insight into what has caused the distance in the marriage.

For a brief moment, it seems the distance is nothing but perhaps a result of a disagreement. However, descriptions of Shukumar and Shoba’s changed physical appearances begin to hint at something much more than a lovers’ quarrel. We soon find out that both characters’ worn outward appearance results from their internal, emotional strife that has caused such deeply woven alienation from each other. The husband and wife mourn for their stillborn baby. This traumatic loss casts a tone of melancholia for the rest of the story. However, there is some hope for the couple to reconnect as during each night of blackness, they confess more and more to each other—the things that were never uttered as man and woman.

A late night drink with a friend, a ripped out photo from a magazine, and anguish over a sweater vest are all confessions made in the nightly blackouts. Shukumar and Shoba become closer as the secrets combine into a knowledge that seems like the remedy to mend the enormous loss they share together. On the fourth night, we are given the most hope at their reconnection when they “mak love with a desperation they had forgotten. But just as to be stillborn is to have never begun life, so too does the couple’s effort to rekindle their marriage fail at inception. One last confession is given first by Shoba, then another by Shukumar at the end of “A Temporary Matter”.

In full confidence with one another, they acknowledge the finality in the loss of their marriage. And finally, “They weep for the things they now knew. Because his grant does not provide him much for daily provisions, he routinely visits ten-year-old Lilia and her family for dinner, often bringing confectionery for the young girl. When Lilia mistakenly refers to Mr. Pirzada as “Indian” to her parents in private, her father tells her that he is Pakistani, which is puzzling to Lilia because he looks like her parents, eats the same things, and speaks Bengali like them.

Pirzada’s differences as well as his current plight. Because of this, she decides one night to eat the candy he gives her, pray, and forgo brushing her teeth so that the magic of the candy through prayer will remain. She also tries her best to learn as much about Pakistan as possible from her school library. During late October, her mother buys a large pumpkin, which Lilia insists she carves. Pirzada offers his help and ends up doing most of the cutting.

When news of a potential war between India and West Pakistan over East Pakistan is reported, the knife slips from Mr. Pirzada’s hand and forms an “O” as the jack-o-lantern’s mouth. During Halloween, when Lilia and her friend Dora go trick-or-treating dressed as witches, Mr. Lilia responds, “don’t worry” and soon realizes the irony of her statement. Pirzada responds, “if the lady insists” and stays with Lilia’s parents for the night. During Lilia and Dora’s stroll around the neighborhood, Dora asks why Mr.

Pirzada wanted to accompany them so direly. Lilia remarks that “his daughters are missing,” which causes her great guilt upon saying it. Lilia then tries to justify to Dora that she misspoke a moment ago and that Mr. Pirzada’s daughters are actually fine. December, their home is deprived of joy.

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