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It purports to be imprisoned with the pharaohs pdf-fiction, adding to the appearance of ‘pseudo-authenticity’ which Lovecraft valued in building his Cthulhu Mythos oeuvre. This page was last edited on 14 January 2018, at 03:00.

Political factions fractured ancient Egypt during the Third Intermediate Period. The boundaries above show the political situation during the mid-8th century BC. It was marked by division of the state for much of the period and conquest and rule by foreigners. But many aspects of life for ordinary Egyptians changed relatively little.

Lower Egypt which they controlled. Middle and Upper Egypt in all but name. However, this division was less significant than it seems, since both priests and pharaohs came from the same family. These two factions squabbled consistently and the conflict was only resolved in Year 39 of Shoshenq III when Osorkon B comprehensively defeated his enemies. Thebes when he compelled Shepenupet, the serving Divine Adoratice of Amun and Takelot III’s sister, to adopt his own daughter Amenirdis, to be her successor. The reunited Nile valley empire of the 25th dynasty was as large as it had been since the New Kingdom. Pharaohs, such as Taharqa, built or restored temples and monuments throughout the Nile valley, including at Memphis, Karnak, Kawa, Jebel Barkal, etc.

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The international prestige of Egypt had declined considerably by this time. 700 BC the question became when, not if, there would be war between the two states. Despite Egypt’s size and wealth, Assyria had a greater supply of timber, while Egypt had a chronic shortage, allowing Assyria to produce more charcoal needed for iron-smelting and thus giving Assyria a greater supply of iron weaponry. This disparity became critical during the Assyrian invasion of Egypt in 670 BC.

Upper Egypt remained for a time under the rule of Tantamani, whilst Lower Egypt was ruled from 664 BC by the Twenty-Sixth Dynasty, client kings established by the Assyrians who nevertheless managed to successfully bring about Egypt’s political independence during the time of troubles facing the Assyrian empire. Four successive Saite kings continued guiding Egypt into another period of peace and prosperity from 610 to 525 BC. The historiography of this period is disputed for a variety of reasons. Firstly there is a dispute about the utility of a very artificial term that covers an extremely long and complicated period of Egyptian history.

The Third Intermediate period includes long periods of stability as well as chronic instability and civil conflict: its very name rather clouds this fact. Biblical Archaeology that also contain heavily disputed dates. New York: The American University in Cairo Press. Chicago, Illinois: Lawrence Hill Books. New York, NY: Institute for the Study of the Ancient World.

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