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Immigration and benefits resource pdf

Department of Homeland Security Seal, U. Citizenship for Spouses of U. Self Check: Verify your Eligibility to Work in the U. If eligible, individuals in removal proceedings can apply for various immigration benefits, which if granted, provide relief from removal, such as adjustment to permanent resident status, immigration and benefits resource pdf of removal, and certain waivers of inadmissibility.

Eligible individuals may also seek asylum or withholding of removal, among other forms of protection relief. Instructions for Submitting Certain Applications in Immigration Court and For Providing Biometric and Biographic Information to U. You must follow these instructions carefully in order to have your application adjudicated during removal proceedings. As described in the joint Fact Sheet on immigration benefits in EOIR proceedings, the U. EOIR Immigration Judges or the BIA grant an individual relief from removal or protection benefits. EOIR regulations effective on April 1, 2005 prohibit Immigration Judges and the BIA from granting such benefits to an alien before DHS reports that the identity, background and security checks are complete. These post-order instructions describe the steps you should follow to obtain documentation of your immigration status and work authorization.

If relief or protection is granted by the BIA, your BIA decision will contain similar instructions for obtaining your documentation. You may obtain additional information on receiving documentation following your receipt of an EOIR order granting you immigration benefits at the page on this website devoted to that information. Our mission is to improve learning by building capacity in schools, families, and communities through applied research and development. Education Northwest is taking an opportunity to look at Black History Month through the lens of the future by honoring outstanding student leaders from across the region.

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