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These word lists are no longer current as a new 6-level HSK test format was introduced in 2010. If a word falls outside that list, it will not be classified hsk level 1 book pdf beginning, elementary, intermediate or advanced.

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This page was last edited on 21 July 2017, at 03:07. Bundesarchiv Bild 146-1985-074-27, Hilfskreuzer Kormoran. 10 merchant vessels and the capture of an 11th during her year-long career in the Atlantic and Indian oceans. World War II, there were no survivors from the 645 aboard the Australian cruiser. 12 March 2008, five days before that of her adversary.

The conversion work included installation of camouflaged weapons, fitting of bunks for the sailors, creation of internal passageways leading to their stations. The raider was also provided with equipment with which to modify her appearance and allow her to masquerade as other merchant vessels. 37-year-old was the youngest man to command a German merchant raider. She was the largest of the raiders, and the most recently constructed when she was taken up for modification. The forecastle and quarterdeck guns were hidden behind counter-weighted false hull plates, while each centreline gun was concealed by fake cargo hatch walls.

All five were hidden by the structure of the ship until they were raised clear on hydraulic platforms. There were plans to fit four 3. 6 cargo hatch for minelaying. 5 cargo hatch, and were launched and recovered from the water with hoists. Mechanical problems, difficulties in moving the aircraft between the hatch and the water, plus a lack of opportunities meant that only seven flights were made during the ship’s operational deployment. Kiel, where she was provisioned for a 12-month voyage.