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How to run a lathe pdf download

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Plans This morning I Delaware. There are four basic parts to a wood lathe, the headstock, the tool rest, the tailstock and the bed. The drive end of the lathe, it will have a hollow, threaded stub, this is the spindle. The threads are also industry standards, refered by the diameter of the stub and the threads per inch on it. 4″ – 16TPI” the next step up would be a “1” – 8 TPI”. Material is held with a spur center that inserts into the taper or chuck or face plate that threads on to the stub.

The rails that support the headstock, tool holder and the tailstock. These may be flat cast iron or steel, some models use round steel tubes. The length of the bed determines how long of a peice of material that can be turned between the headstock and the tailstock. An adjustable bar on a base that attaches to the bed that supports the cutting tool. This is an outboard rest with a Morse taper that supports material or holds a drill chuck to bore material.

Small specialized lathe, usually limited to maximiun 2″ swing, ideal for pen turning. A good size for starting out, fits in limited space, extension to lengthen bed is available. Heavy duty lathe, more rigid bed than lighter models, a machine for serious turners. A round nose hollow chisel, used for roughing cuts.