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How to print and save as pdf on adob

Romulo Pico Adobe, MIssion Hills. It was listed on how to print and save as pdf on adob National Register of Historic Places in 1966.

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The original purpose of the structure is unknown, though the adobe was located in the center of the Mission’s orchards and surrounding vineyards. Before 1846, the original adobe consisted of what is now the living room. The dining room and library were added during the time of de Celis’ ownership. De Celis vacated the property in 1853 and sold Andrés Pico an undivided half interest in the Rancho, which included the southern half of the Valley, the San Fernando Mission compound, and the adobe. It is unknown if the adobe was used for any purpose for the next 20 years. In debt, Andrés Pico sold his southern half-interest in the Rancho ex-Mission San Fernando to his brother Pío Pico in 1862.

He also placed wooden flooring over the original tile floor. A second story was added in approximately 1873. Rómulo lived there with his wife Catarina Pico and family. Porter, a San Francisco shoe manufacturer, and his brother Benjamin F.