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Most antidepressants have shown some efficacy on functional outcomes in short-term clinical trials, yet the endpoints studied are well recognized to correlate with depressive symptoms severity. Vortioxetine, but not duloxetine, how to measure outcomes pdf a robust combined effect on both depressive symptoms and functional capacity in patients with MDD.

With symptomatic remission and functional recovery as the overarching therapeutic objectives of antidepressant therapy, composite endpoint measures that conjointly consider both aspects of treatment are needed. This analysis evaluated the combined effect of vortioxetine on depressive symptoms and functional capacity in adults with MDD. Validation of Intermediate Measures and UPSA Brief form. Duloxetine did not differ significantly from placebo for these dual response criteria. Sensitivity analysis using the aligned UPSA-B confirmed these results for vortioxetine.

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An exploratory analysis of a new dual outcome measure in patients with MDD. Vortioxetine, but not duloxetine, demonstrated a robust combined effect on depressive symptoms and functional capacity in patients with MDD. We compare watershed partnerships to link collaborative processes to environmental outcomes. We use a paired-watershed experimental design to control for confounding factors.

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