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How to make boxes to fill out in pdf form

Create documents that gather information. Microsoft Word 2010 is an optimal how to make boxes to fill out in pdf form choice for communications leaving your office, such as letters, invoices and marketing materials, but don’t rule out the software program for when you’re seeking to bring in information as well.

Let Word help you design fill-in-the-blank forms, ideal for culling job applicants, preparing new hires for confidentiality agreements and anywhere else you want people to be able to give you input. Word’s fill-in forms can be a jumping off point for your electronic information gathering or they can be printed for manual completion. Launch Word and type the form name at the top of the Word page. You can also type additional information such as the department using the form, the form creator’s name and any directions for using the form.

Click the basic Line shape. Adjust line size as needed. You do not have to keep clicking and copying the line, as it is still in memory. Adjust the line sizes for each question. For example, a fill-in line for someone’s birth date will be shorter than the line for a description of a past job. Add any additional text and lines to the rest of the form page or pages as necessary.

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For questions in which you want recipients to have multiple lines, paste copies of the line and drag them directly underneath each other, with a small space in between each for recipients to write. Save the form to your network or desktop in a location you’ll remember. Instead of starting from scratch, you can get a jump start from some of Word’s template forms. Now that you’ve made your form, you have a few options. You can print out the form and distribute it, which recipients will complete by hand. You can also email the form and have recipients fill it in directly in Word. In this case, recipients must have a minimum of Word 2007 installed to do so.