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How to make an interactive pdf in indesign cs6

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Recently, I’ve been doing a lot of work designing forms, which present their own unique design challenges, one of which is that more forms are being completed digitally as PDFs. Download a sample of the style used in this episode. Great to have them back. Looking forward to part 2. Hope you will post more, soon. Looking forward to trying it out.

Great episode as usual and the intro was fabulous. One point about the podcast. Replace Pages command in Acrobat. The form fields stay, the art is replaced.

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The Podcast was brilliant as always, and I also am looking forward to the next ones. I tried creating a similar paragraph style with an underscore that appears on the same baseline. This would be particularly useful for jobs that I do for one client. When I tried to create my paragraph space, I couldn’t get it to work. If you download the INX file linked above, you’ll see that, as in the episode, the nesting instructions don’t use the En or Em spaces at all. Those are used in the text because they create a consistent width where necessary. The style only uses the tab or right-indent tab as possible delimiters.

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