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How to keep bookmarks open in pdf

PDFs open at the magnification you want them to. Today’s post is about how you as the creator of a PDF can specify the opening view of that particular PDF. I always like my PDFs to open in Fit Page view, so that the recipient gets a bird’s eye view of the whole page. If I’ve included bookmarks in the how to keep bookmarks open in pdf, I want the bookmarks pane to appear on the left side of the screen so that the recipient sees and uses the bookmarks.

As an architect – it’s 2015 and your post is still helping people. I think this all depends on the particular implementation of the PDF, as the reader I really don’t care what the author thinks the view settings should be. Is there a way to override document, maybe you can write next articles referring to this article. What are you searching for? Click “Save As” and click “PDF” in the Save As Type drop; pDFs in whatever size you feel comfortable with and it should be easy to find and you should be able to select that size and set it as default SIMPLY without any frustration. In for Microsoft Office.

Nothing magnification and layout of the document will not change at this point. Save the PDF, close it, and reopen it. It should reopen with the options you specified in step three. Very detailed instructions and easy to follow. So, can another user override these settings once they have opened it?

Or will the pdf always revert to this format whenever it is opened. That is, is there any way to “lock” it? Nancy: Users with Adobe Reader can override the view settings once they have the PDF open, of course, but they cannot change the opening view. So in other words, the file will ALWAYS open in the initial view you specify for users of Adobe Reader. Users of the full Adobe Acrobat could change the initial view and re-save the file. I don’t see an OK button. I have a widescreen laptop running windows 7.

I can’t seem to move anything around to get to it. It was great to see exactly what I was looking for and to get such precise and accurate directions. When I follow these instructions it works for my computer but when I send it to my desk top computer it does not work. This comment has been removed by the author. I find that in a pdf with mixed page sizes and orientations, if I navigate through the file using the bookmarks, the view will resize itself following an oversized page.

Is there any way around that? Just what I needed But i wonder if it is possible to select a pdf to open in full page and full screen mode, and then when you close the full screen part, the pdf completely close? Simon K: I can’t think of any way to do that. Keith: I’ve specified the settings indicated in your post.

After saving that option, it only works on my computer. I’d like it to automatically open in spreads on all computers. I have Adobe Acrobat Pro 9, if that helps! I know there’s something in the preferences of Adobe Reader, but that’s up to the user to decide. And most users wouldn’t know to do that anyway.

Apologies if you got this comment more than once! Many thanks for straightforward instructions to this easy, but hard to find out how, technique. I was looking for this. By default Acrobat has set this to 110 ppi.

I had to change the ppi to 72 ppi in the acrobat settings. Now I would like other viewers of the PDF file to automatically change this too. Or even better if you know how to let Acrobat view the images in their correct size without changing the ppi. Thank you this worked perfectly. As someone who reads a lot of pdfs I can tell you that this nonsense is the most annoying thing you can do to a pdf.

As the reader I really don’t care what the author thinks the view settings should be. I picked my defaults because that’s what I prefer. My advice is that your pdfs will get better reception if you don’t treat your readers like children or idiots who are too stupid to make up their own mind about how to read documents. I agree it’d be annoying for those of us who read a lot of PDFs and understand how to change our default settings, but when you’re designing for an audience that likely doesn’t even know there are different settings, it can be beneficial to “help” them see it the way you intend it to be seen. I am trying to save my pdf document with initial view page layout as 2 up. However, it does not seem to take effect.