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This article is about faithless electors in general. State laws may impose a fine on an elector who fails to vote according to the statewide or district popular vote, force an elector to hillary ballot pdf trump amendment for the candidate he or she pledged to vote, or disqualify an elector who violates his or her pledge and provide a replacement elector. The states with laws that attempt to bind the votes of presidential electors are highlighted above in red.

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That is, they break faith with the candidate they were pledged to and vote for another candidate, or fail to vote. Thus, a faithless elector runs the risk of party censure and political retaliation from their party, as well as potential legal penalties in some states. The parties have generally been successful in keeping their electors faithful, leaving out the cases in which a candidate died before the elector was able to cast a vote. The loss of Virginia’s support caused Johnson to fall one electoral vote short of a majority, causing the vice presidential election to be thrown into the U.

Senate for the only time in American history. Senate ultimately elected Johnson after a party-line vote. Twenty-one states do not have laws compelling their electors to vote for a pledged candidate. Twenty-nine states plus the District of Columbia have laws to penalize faithless electors, although these have never been enforced.

Until 2008, Minnesota’s electors cast secret ballots. After an unknown elector was faithless in 2004, Minnesota amended its law to require public balloting of the electors’ votes and invalidate any vote cast for someone other than the candidate to whom the elector was pledged. In the twenty-nine states with laws against faithless electors, a faithless elector may only be punished after they vote. The court ruled states have the right to require electors to pledge to vote for the candidate whom their party supports, and the right to remove potential electors who refuse to pledge prior to the election. More recent legal scholars believe “a state law that would thwart a federal elector’s discretion at an extraordinary time when it reasonably must be exercised would clearly violate Article II and the Twelfth Amendment. The Supreme Court has never ruled on the constitutionality of state laws punishing or replacing electors for actually casting a faithless vote.

The remaining 106 were changed by the elector’s personal interest, or perhaps by accident. Usually, the faithless electors act alone. 23 Virginia electors acted together. The 1836 election was the only occasion when faithless electors altered the outcome of the electoral college vote. The number preceding each entry is the number of faithless electors for the given year. Elizabeth Warren received one vice-presidential vote. In addition, three other electors attempted to vote against their pledge, but had their votes invalidated.