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This article is about the dimension of a space. The first four spatial dimensions, represented in a two-hausdorff edition english pdf free picture.

5 on a number line. The concept of dimension is not restricted to physical objects. In mathematics, the dimension of an object is an intrinsic property independent of the space in which the object is embedded. 1-dimensional even though it exists in the 2-dimensional plane. The rest of this section examines some of the more important mathematical definitions of the dimensions.

A single complex coordinate system may be applied to an object having two real dimensions. There are however many stacks which do not correspond to varieties, and some of these have negative dimension. It is strongly related to the dimension of an algebraic variety, because of the natural correspondence between sub-varieties and prime ideals of the ring of the polynomials on the variety. By dragging a 0-dimensional object in some direction, one obtains a 1-dimensional object. Fractals have been found useful to describe many natural objects and phenomena. This cardinality is called the dimension of the Hilbert space. Movement in any other direction can be expressed in terms of just these three.

Moving down is the same as moving up a negative distance. In its simplest form: a line describes one dimension, a plane describes two dimensions, and a cube describes three dimensions. A temporal dimension is one way to measure physical change. The equations used in physics to model reality do not treat time in the same way that humans commonly perceive it. In physics, three dimensions of space and one of time is the accepted norm.

To date, no experimental or observational evidence is available to confirm the existence of these extra dimensions. If extra dimensions exist, they must be hidden from us by some physical mechanism. One well-studied possibility is that the extra dimensions may be “curled up” at such tiny scales as to be effectively invisible to current experiments. Thus Kaluza-Klein theory may be considered either as an incomplete description on its own, or as a subset of string theory model building. This could be related to why gravity is exponentially weaker than the other forces, as it effectively dilutes itself as it propagates into a higher-dimensional volume. According to this idea it would be because three is the largest number of spatial dimensions where strings can generically intersect. If initially there are lots of windings of strings around compact dimensions, space could only expand to macroscopic sizes once these windings are eliminated, which requires oppositely wound strings to find each other and annihilate.

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