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Wronskian as differentiation is a linear operation, so the Wronskian vanishes. It may, however, vanish at isolated points. There are several extra conditions which ensure that hartman ordinary differential equations pdf vanishing of the Wronskian in an interval implies linear dependence.

Wronskian in an interval implies that they are linearly dependent. Wronskian implies linear dependence, added a footnote to Peano’s paper claiming that this result is correct as long as neither function is identically zero. Peano’s second paper pointed out that this footnote was nonsense. The method is easily generalized to higher order equations. If the functions are linearly dependent then all generalized Wronskians vanish.

As in the 1 variable case the converse is not true in general: if all generalized Wronskians vanish, this does not imply that the functions are linearly dependent. However, the converse is true in many special cases. For example, if the functions are polynomials and all generalized Wronskians vanish, then the functions are linearly dependent. A Treatise on the Theorie of Determinants. This page was last edited on 19 November 2017, at 21:03.

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Various criteria have been developed to prove stability or instability of an orbit. If a particular orbit is well understood, it is natural to ask next whether a small change in the initial condition will lead to similar behavior. Stability theory addresses the following questions: Will a nearby orbit indefinitely stay close to a given orbit? Will it converge to the given orbit? The latter is a stronger property. Stability means that the trajectories do not change too much under small perturbations. The opposite situation, where a nearby orbit is getting repelled from the given orbit, is also of interest.

In general, perturbing the initial state in some directions results in the trajectory asymptotically approaching the given one and in other directions to the trajectory getting away from it. Analogous statements are known for perturbations of more complicated orbits. The simplest kind of an orbit is a fixed point, or an equilibrium. On the other hand, for an unstable equilibrium, such as a ball resting on a top of a hill, certain small pushes will result in a motion with a large amplitude that may or may not converge to the original state. There are useful tests of stability for the case of a linear system. 1, and unstable if it is strictly greater than 1.

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