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A view of the front of the plant, taken shortly after the fire. The door to the right is the entrance to the main office. Investigators believe a safety inspection might have prevented the disaster. As a result, the federal government took over enforcement of much of North Carolina’s worker safety laws. Survivors and victims’ families accused the fire service and city of Hamlet of racism, leading to two monuments to the tragedy being erected.

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The plant was never reopened. The fire was North Carolina’s worst industrial disaster. The Imperial Foods building was 11 years old, although the basic structure dated back to the early 20th century. The factory was constructed with bricks and metalwork and was one story high.

The interior was a “maze of large rooms separated by moveable walls”, and both workers and the product moved around the interior from process to process, going from front to rear. Imperial’s operators usually kept the doors of the chicken plant padlocked and the windows boarded, to prevent theft, vandalism or other criminal acts. There had been no safety inspections by the state due to a lack of inspectors. The poultry inspector visited the site daily and knew of the fire violations.

He did not report these violations. Some workers were made nervous by the locked doors but did not voice their concerns for fear of losing their jobs. The company had a poor safety record, though with no previous fatal accidents. The violations included poorly marked or blocked emergency exits. The offending factory had been closed by the time of the North Carolina fire.

The Hamlet plant had three previous fires, but no action was taken to prevent recurrence or to unlock the doors. The building had fires before Imperial took over as well, although these, too, were non-fatal. 2 million worth of damage. An extensive fire was considered unlikely because of a lack of flammable materials throughout the complex, other than packing materials in the rear. The only barriers were curtains of plastic strips between some to hold in refrigerated air. This allowed for rapid spread of smoke and heat in the deadly blaze. The building’s previous use as an ice cream production facility meant that the walls and floor were hard, smooth surfaces, which limited the amount of material that was available to absorb heat and smoke during the fire.