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European prehistory through various journeys across the continent, publishing his findings in academic papers and books. From 1927 through to 1946 he worked as the Abercromby Professor of Archaeology at the University of Edinburgh, and then from 1947 to 1957 as director of the Institute of Archaeology, London. Throughout, he continued to publish prolifically, producing excavation reports, journal articles, and books. 1934, becoming its first president.

Marxist ideas as an interpretative framework for archaeological data. His beliefs resulted in him being legally barred from entering the United States, despite being repeatedly invited to lecture there. Widely regarded as one of the most important archaeologists and prehistorians of his generation, he became known as the “great synthesizer” for his work in synthesizing regional research into a broader picture of Near Eastern and European prehistory. Marxist ideas on societal development. Becoming a teacher, in 1871 he married Mary Ellen Latchford, together having five children.

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