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The Jewelry Gold jewellery designs catalogue pdf UK Ltd. It is one of the main TV shopping channels in the UK.

The channel launched on 4 April 2006, and currently broadcasts 24 hours a day. Middlesex, simultaneously switching to widescreen-format broadcasting. On 11 April 2008, The Jewelry Channel launched delivery to the Republic of Ireland for the first time. TJC sells a wide variety of gemstone jewellery, loose gemstones, watches, fashion jewellery and simulated gemstone pieces. The channel holds themed days such as ‘Tanzanite Day’.

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The firm launched an additional channel, TJC Gold, in October 2012 to offer more expensive gold and platinum collections. It runs for six hours a day. TJC’s channel can be watched from the website. The TJC blog includes information on products, jewellery trends, interviews with guests, exclusive promotions and backstage ‘gossip’. Its Facebook page which offers similar content to their blog, and also offers consumers the chance to interact with them. There is also an educational section offering consumers additional information on gemstones – Gemopedia.

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